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The Boteh scarf first. Neat design, neat outcome.
Full length Boteh scarf

And the specs:

Yarn: Patons Kroy sock in Blazing Blue that Rosi sent me, 2 full skeins (mine have only 192 yds, not the 203 as currently advertised). I liked working with it, it felt nice and squishy.

Hook: Clover Takumi 4.00mm bamboo from Vicki

Pattern: Boteh scarf by Kathy Merrick, from Interweave Crochet Spring 2007

Time: 2 days (took longer because I had to redo the edging when I realised the spacing I was using would leave me short of yarn before I finished)

Size: 5″ x 96″

Extra #1 The pattern has errata, but if you just follow the chart, that shouldn’t be a problem at all.

#2 Boteh is supposed to mean a bouquet of leaves or something, but it reminds me of how we drew plaits as kids.

#3 This is meant as a surprise gift for someone.

#4 I did only 15 motifs overall, refer to yarn shortage. But it’s a very good size anyway. That’s the best part about scarves, I suppose!

#5 I hate these three words: Pick up evenly!!! I never seem to get the count right.

Now here’s the Beret:

Rollin's Beret

Yarn: GGH Aspen, in pink (the website calls it mauve), one skein.

Needles: Denise #8, not strictly 5mm

Pattern: Rollin’ Beret by Woolly Wormhead (scroll down). Nice and quick and easy 😀 Somehow I chose to do it in the same colour a similar colour to the one that Ruth made hers in.

Time: Overnight

Size: 5″ x 96″

Extra #1 I have a doubt about the finished product (size-wise), but until this reaches its recipient, I am not voicing those. But otherwise, a good, satisfying knit 🙂

Here’s how much yarn I was left with after finishing the edging on the Boteh:

Yarn left

Cutting it very fine!

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