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Aquamarine doily

By now my dear readers must have given up on ever finding the right colours under the titles of my posts. Suffice it to say I’m using up my stash to make these doilies, rather than going on a shopping spree, when quite possibly I wouldn’t get the recommended colours anyway.

Here is the info on this one:
Thread: Madura Coats Red Heart size 20, Grey
Hook: Tulip size 2/1.5 mm steel hook
Pattern: Kathy‘s Aquamarine Starcatcher
Time: 2-3 days
Size: 19″
Extra: #Can’t think of anything right now. Posted by Picasa

Update: Sent it to Amy for CLBFX

Yes, it’s blocked and done! Yay! It might look good framed, no?

Katchkan's Amethyst doily

Here’s a close-up (just like that):

Amethyst doily close-up

I love being a pattern tester! It brings together my two interests: crochet and fault-finding editing nicely.

Thread: Anchor size 20, two strands, one red and the other variegated in red and dark brown/black
Hook: Tulip size 2/1.5 mm steel hook
Pattern: Kathy‘s Amethyst Doily
Time: Over two days (no, you’ll never get time in hours from me, ain’t a marathon person)
Size: 18″
Extra: #1 Kathy might be doing a whole series of these doilies
#2 It cupped a bit after the final row, but it lies nice and flat after blocking. (No “wrassling” involved ;))

PS: It’s called Amethyst because that’s the colour Kathy made it in.

Peggy’s Sunshine Garden doily (link is now defunct. Crochet Paradise is sorely missed) for my doily_of_the_month Yahoo group. Only mine looks more like Peggy’s Been Splashing In The Mud doily! Whatever you may have to say, I LIKE BROWNS!!! So there!

Peggy's Sunshine Garden doily

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