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Pinkish prose

More Marquise

More posing. You can tell I hate being photographed. But I love this top and for those I love, I can do anything. Well, most things. I’d loved the design when it first entered the Ravelry database, so when the designer said she was going to release it as a separate pattern and wanted people to test it, I jumped at the chance. Not to divert from tradition, I give you all the gory details.

Yarn: Schachenmayr nomotta Catania that a certain someone gave me. It has a nice shiny finish, and it was the same weight as the design recommends. However, I had to go down a few hook sizes to make gauge. I used about 5 skeins.

Hook: 3.25mm

Pattern: Marquise by Julia Vaconsin. It’s a Ravelry download. It was originally published in Yarn Forward magazine, Spring 2008. My project page is here. The stitches used are simple. The key is an ability to count stitches and remember those counts, because those are what make the shape. The darts are cleverly done, and the neck insert lace is lacy without being indecent, and the shells give a nice contrast to the ribbed structure of the rest of the body. Oh, and this pattern is available in child sizes as well.

Time: It took me about 6 weeks, however this was because we went to Europe for 3 of those weeks, and while I did carry the pattern and the project with me, understandably nothing got done on it, although I showed it to Carla.

Size: Small. I chose this size since Julia suggested it would look better with negative ease for someone who has curves.

Extra #1 This was my first ever top in either knit or crochet. I love the result, but I haven’t yet worn it out to an event. Nothing seems festive enough while allowing western wear, but we shall see.

#2 I loved the chance to work with a versatile designer (Julia designs both knit and crochet items and speaks at least 3 different languages). It gives me the shivers 🙂

11 thoughts on “Pinkish prose

  1. That is stunningly beautiful. It suits you very well too. I’d try making something similar if I could borrow your figure;) Hope all is well with you.

  2. Cute! You look really good in it!

  3. Oh, Swapna, I had no idea you were so tiny! What a cute little figure you have; I covet it. The top looks darling on you!!

  4. Fantastic! I think you should wear it around everywhere! (That allows western wear, of course.)

  5. wow..that is too pretty…

  6. That top is purdy and you look stunning in it!!! At first I thought it was knit, but as I read your post I realized it is crocheted. Wow!!!

  7. That is adorable on you!!! Nice job!!!

  8. Hi, I came across your blog recently while searching for yarn shops in India. Thanks for the list. I envy your knitting skills. I am still at sweater no.2 for my daughter…..

  9. Gorgeous!

  10. Can you tell I am a bit behind in my blog reading???
    This is incredibly cute! Cute, cute, cute!
    It is a really lovely color and fits beautifully!

  11. That’s really nice!
    Shame you don’t have anywhere to wear it out to appropriately; it really is quite nice!

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