Excuse that Bollywood pose. I wasn’t quite sure how a circular shawl is used and the designer suggested it should be folded in half. And I’d written this post before, only to have it disappear on me when I clicked on “Save Draft”.  So here we go again in the time-honoured fashion. Because I’m dull and predictable that way.

Yarn: The Unique Sheep Tinsel Toes. A merino/tencel blend meant for socks, I presume. I was hazy about tencel, apparently it’s a manmade plant-based fibre. I used just over one skein. I’m wary about multicoloured yarns in crochet but this pattern being open, the effect was of an eerie spiral. Besides, it was a new experience for me, working with the yarn that the pattern was designed for. Jen was kind enough to have the yarniste mail me the yarn so I could use it.

Hook: 3.25mm

Pattern: Miss Austen by Jennifer Benson (queenmamajen on Ravelry). It’s a Ravelry download. My project page is here.

Time: About a month. It took me that long not because of any difficulty with the pattern, but because of my short attention span. I think it’s funny that I should be making so many shawls with my propensity to wander.

Size: 65″. It barely fit on the guest bed for blocking.

Extra #1 The highlight for me was learning how to make neater bullions with the help of a trick learnt from this video.

#2 I’ve sent it off in a swap and hope the recipient likes it. She did say she did, but then she would, wouldn’t she? She might not even be a shawl person.

Warning! Blue funk alert!

I don’t know why, but I’m increasingly convinced my knitting/crochet is pointless. Don’t misunderstand me, I enjoy the process, but I’m not so sure the product I produce is worthwhile. Perhaps it’s just a phase. I make these things and none of them are adapted to where or how I live. There’s no theme to my doilies, for example, and I don’t use shawls. Few of my friends with babies live in cold places…Let’s see. In the past few weeks I’ve heard: the block and offset shells blanket I made with so much expectation for a friend never made it to her. It might still be there with her mom, but I’m not hopeful. The kid I made it for will outgrow it soon. Then there is the crochet cable hat I made and gave my husband, who carries it whenever we visit a cold place, but he wouldn’t like to be seen wearing it. There’s a doily I gave a friend who clearly cherishes it as a gift, but can only drape it over her dressing table mirror because it’s such a useless piece of work. A baby dress I made and was quite proud of…the child didn’t like it, although the mother said she did. Then I volunteer to test patterns but my work never lives up to the designer’s intentions. Quite dispiriting actually.

Nevermind. It keeps me busy and has given me new friends. This wasn’t intended as a whine, just a record, ok? My next post will be all bright and cheery :p Upward spiral, ok? Honest!