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Testing times

What just happened has shocked, angered and pained all in this country and a good many in others. There are no words in which I can describe my feelings. Bombay and the places affected have so many memories for us, that even thinking about it makes me tearful. A friend lost her mother in the attacks. I cannot dwell on it, so you will understand if I don’t talk too much about it, ok? I’m fine, not personally affected.

To divert all our thoughts, I thought I’d finally showcase one of my testing projects. I test knit this shawl a month ago but was waiting for the designer to put the pattern up for sale, and then of course we travelled. But here I’m showing it off finally.


Sometimes routine helps:

Yarn: Common-or-garden acrylic, fingering weight, limper than foreign acrylic and softer. It’s usually what we use for baby stuff. A friend got it for me from Bombay. After finishing it, I “killed” the acrylic, using a damp teatowel and an iron. This way, the acrylic retains its shape. That probably shocks all the purists. First, I shouldn’t have been using acrylic, and second, no point in blocking it, and none at all in killing it. However, I was quite pleased with the end result. It seemed to have better drape and the stitches were nicely defined. And I’m defiant.

Needles: 4mm

Pattern: Aiwara (Rav link) by Elke Weinstroer (Ravelry profile). My Ravelry project page is here.

Time: About a month, but I took a while off in the middle. The pattern itself is pretty straightforward, and the edging is knitted with the body, so there isn’t any fiddling around with picking up stitches and adding it later.

Size: 65″ x 42″

Extra #1 My largest lace project so far, and my first full knit shawl. It isn’t very complex as these things go, but I liked the experience. My only quibble is that perhaps I don’t like triangle shawls too much. They seem a bit inadequate somehow.

#2 No issues with the pattern, however. It’s good when you need a soothing repetitive design to work on.

#3 I liked my yarn experiment. And I will repeat it. That’s a dare. I can’t see the convenience in having to reblock something each time you get it wet. So if the acrylic will maintain its shape, why not? As for warmth, if it is really that cold, a flimsy shawl wouldn’t be much use, I should think. Whatever it’s made of. You may try convincing me. Yes, I’m feeling obstreperous. As someone who lives in warm climes, I need sometimes to travel to places where woollens are needed, and even then I’m so cold myself that I cover myself in thick sweaters and coats. (coward) Perhaps for an elegant evening out where you travel in a heated vehicle and enter a glittering warm theatre or something…Yes, then this pattern would do very nicely.


10 thoughts on “Testing times

  1. I’m glad the turmoil in Bombay has ended and my hopes and thoughts are with all of the families effected. The shawl is stunningly beautiful. You are a very fast knitter.

  2. You’ve been in my thoughts. I’m glad to know you are well, and my sympathies to all affected.

    As for knitting with acrylic, and blocking it… in your climate, if it works, go for it.

    Very thin lace knit with alpaca or wool is warmer than you’d think. No, I would not want it as the only thing between me and the elements at the South Pole, but as a pretty layer over several others, it’s very nice. It can also take the chill off, inside. Most folks don’t heat their houses too hot in winter, because that can be very expensive.

  3. Love the title of your post. Lovely shawl, the color complements the shawl really well.

    Shed more light on your yarn experiment please. I am disappointed with how my cables look, your technique might help them look a little better.

  4. Crafts are more than just hobbies sometimes…they help us get through tough times! Your shawl is gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful lacework and the colour is lovely! I agree with Anjali, more acrylic “killing” experiment tips please, then maybe I can put that part of my stash to some use!!

  6. Lovely!

    I got confused when you called it Bombay… they’ve been calling it Mumbai in the news over here.

  7. awesome shawl! nice color!
    I wanna see you knit.. God! I am such a slow knitter and to top it, I suffer from severe Attention Deficit disorder.. 🙁

  8. I’m so sorry that happened!!

    But your shawl is so beautiful. You , I’m sure, are very happy with it and proud of it. I certainly would be–it’s awesome!! It’s a dreamy color and it looks wonderfully soft.

  9. This is a beauty! Stunning.

  10. hi swapna,h appy to find someone else who does this too.will send you photo of my ‘killed’ acrylic strip scarf. loved making it.used vardhaman baby wool for this and loved the result. i love your shawl.Very swish!

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