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How do I do the chain loops and the trebles into them? More precisely, how do I move from one chain loop to another? Please help me! This is from Burda Crochet Lace N.227. The picture is clickable.

ETA: With the help of experienced and helpful neighbours at Crochetville, the problem has been successfully solved! What looks like two rows are in fact worked as one (very clever and a technique I’ve never applied before, in this manner, at least) and hey presto, you have the magical “hanging in the air” impression.

There was another minor (potentially major) hiccup when I ran out of thread, and this morning’s expedition to the local craft store only led to a paler shade. Another expedition in the afternoon to another craft store yielded what the husband assures me is the same shade, only packaged in 20gm balls rather than 50gm. We shall now resume our scheduled crocheting.

Another remarkable thing is that facing the prospect of having to redo the entire doily in a colour I had more of, I wasn’t daunted. There are very few patterns I ever redo, so that says something about this one, I think. How about you? Do you usually redo patterns, or never?

Also, WordPress now has an Advanced toolbar in its editor. I must explore it sometime, and see if I can post tables, for example.

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  1. Sorry Swapnae, I’d love to help but flickr is still a blocked site here. Can you show the picture in any other way? I’ve always enjoyed charted crochet, hopefully I can help.

  2. Swapnae, I’d love to help as I’ve done many charted doilies and some pretty advanced ones too. But I cannot see the pictures as Flickr is still a blogged site on my server.

  3. I’m stumped!

  4. Glad that its been solved!

    I sometimes re-do a doily pattern. There is one in particular that I like and have done three times now.

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