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Something old, something new

Well, sort of. I took some very bad pictures (are there any other kind I can take?) of a cardigan I made for my niece when she was born, as well as a UFO I finished and gave her in my recent trip to Hyderabad. (Yes, I’m back now in Vizag.) First up, we have the cardigan:
Old FO

And here are the details.

Yarn: Acrylic from the Munirka market in Delhi. Look at my list of yarn stores in India for the exact address. The link is over on my sideboard.

Needles: Who remembers? I made it in 1998! Probably 3.75 or 4.00 mm

Pattern: Fleisher pattern book from the 1960s, it was my mom’s but I have had it now since 1998 (or earlier) since she stopped knitting.

Time: It was a labour of love. I don’t have the faintest idea now how long it took. As usual I didn’t have the time to find nice buttons for it.

Size: Totally forgot to measure it

Extra: #1 What a pathetic set of specifications I’ve given! Might as well not have written anything down. I have better (somewhat) specs for the next project, I promise!

#2 This was in the days when I used to twist my knit stitches (by knitting them through the back leg). I found the mini-cables hard going, I remember.

Next up we have the bag I finished from my mountain of UFOs.

Basketweave knit bag


Yarn: Mainstays from Walmart (I don’t remember now who sent it to me). Two strands held together.

Needles: I am growing old. But perhaps they were my favourite size, 4.5 mm (or should that be 3.75?)

Pattern: Coats & Clark free pattern (Mine is supposed to be the blue bag)
Time: It was a UFO! The longest part was actually making the handles (strips of hdc) and deciding on and sewing the zip for closure. I’d actually bought the zip ages ago.

Size: 9″ x 9.5″

Extra: #1 I wish I had better options for handles than the tacky round plastic ones (or the tackier odd-shaped steel ones). I should have explored stores in Hyderabad, but what with the auto strike and the absent driver and various other distractions, I didn’t. Thankfully my niece isn’t very discriminating in her taste yet.

#2 The bag isn’t lined either.

#3 If you click through, you’ll find a couple more pictures of the bag in my Flickr photostream.

Right now I have no mojo. I badly want to have something going but have been in a sort of depressed state the past few days. Let’s see.

Next up, I’ll do another post rounding up the books I’ve read between my last book report and now.

4 thoughts on “Something old, something new

  1. I hope you cheer up soon, S! Get Joe Sixsmith to cheer you up. The bag is very pretty, and I also like the picture of the cardigan, actually. Makes it glow, somewhat.

  2. Hey,old UFO’s are the hardest! Don’t be too hard on yourself.

    Here’s a video to cheer you up —

  3. The stitch pattern on the cardi is very nice. The twisting of stitches possibly added to the texturing.

    Have you tried the combination method of knitting where you knit through the back leg intentionally, only to un-twist each stitch on the next row to make it look like regular knitting. Ann Modesit (did I even get her name right?) and Grumperina swear by it. Apparently it is easier on the hands and even on the tension of the knit fabric.

    Well anyway, the bag is super cute.

    Feel better! Buy yourself something for Valentine’s.

  4. Love that bag!

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