Well, sort of. I took some very bad pictures (are there any other kind I can take?) of a cardigan I made for my niece when she was born, as well as a UFO I finished and gave her in my recent trip to Hyderabad. (Yes, I’m back now in Vizag.) First up, we have the cardigan:
Old FO

And here are the details.

Yarn: Acrylic from the Munirka market in Delhi. Look at my list of yarn stores in India for the exact address. The link is over on my sideboard.

Needles: Who remembers? I made it in 1998! Probably 3.75 or 4.00 mm

Pattern: Fleisher pattern book from the 1960s, it was my mom’s but I have had it now since 1998 (or earlier) since she stopped knitting.

Time: It was a labour of love. I don’t have the faintest idea now how long it took. As usual I didn’t have the time to find nice buttons for it.

Size: Totally forgot to measure it

Extra: #1 What a pathetic set of specifications I’ve given! Might as well not have written anything down. I have better (somewhat) specs for the next project, I promise!

#2 This was in the days when I used to twist my knit stitches (by knitting them through the back leg). I found the mini-cables hard going, I remember.

Next up we have the bag I finished from my mountain of UFOs.

Basketweave knit bag


Yarn: Mainstays from Walmart (I don’t remember now who sent it to me). Two strands held together.

Needles: I am growing old. But perhaps they were my favourite size, 4.5 mm (or should that be 3.75?)

Pattern: Coats & Clark free pattern (Mine is supposed to be the blue bag)
Time: It was a UFO! The longest part was actually making the handles (strips of hdc) and deciding on and sewing the zip for closure. I’d actually bought the zip ages ago.

Size: 9″ x 9.5″

Extra: #1 I wish I had better options for handles than the tacky round plastic ones (or the tackier odd-shaped steel ones). I should have explored stores in Hyderabad, but what with the auto strike and the absent driver and various other distractions, I didn’t. Thankfully my niece isn’t very discriminating in her taste yet.

#2 The bag isn’t lined either.

#3 If you click through, you’ll find a couple more pictures of the bag in my Flickr photostream.

Right now I have no mojo. I badly want to have something going but have been in a sort of depressed state the past few days. Let’s see.

Next up, I’ll do another post rounding up the books I’ve read between my last book report and now.