It is so quick and offers immediate gratification. Also I can create 3-D objects so nicely. Here are two of my latest FOs.

First up, this crochet hook caddy:Crochet hook caddy

I finished it a couple of nights ago. It holds about 40 of my hooks now (I have a few more, scattered here and there in WIPs). Here are the details:

Yarn: Longtime readers will recognise the GUM (Sending you to my old blog site because I’m being lazy)
Hook: Boye G/6/4.25 mm metal
Pattern: From Priscilla Hewitt
Time: Overnight
Size: 3″ x 4″

Extra: Nice and fast and a great way to use up the horrible yarn I don’t know why I bought. My hook stash now looks very organised. The hooks are now all colour-coordinated and arranged by size. I like being organised on a small scale.

This month I am donating a CAT PAC for Crochetlist CAT, and my donee is Skip. I made this hotpad for her, after she assured me she doesn’t mind acrylic hotpads and is very careful when using them. Never tried this pattern before. Mind the colours.

10 point hotpad

It gets thickness from having those petal thingies folded over. Details follow.

Yarn: Sundry bits of Rs 6 skeins from stash
Hook: Clover Soft Touch F/4.00 mm metal/resin

Pattern: From one of my favourite sources for instant gratification, the Dishcloth Boutique. This is the Ten Point Hotpad

Time: One day
Size: 11″ across from point to point
Extra: The pattern could have been better written and/or illustrated. As it is, I think I might have done one of the final rows on the wrong side (Wrong Side when I should have had the Right Side facing me). The picture wasn’t big enough to see clearly how the folding worked.

Tell me honestly, do you think it looks ugly? Don’t hold back.

I shall leave you with a closeup of my caddy. The red thing is one of a pair of stitchmarkers given me by Cordelia almost a year ago (or is it two?).

Caddy closeup