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All mine!

All pictures are clickable for the curious.

Yes, I have another finished object to show today.


That is fusible fabric fused to an old cut-up t-shirt, in turn fabric-glued to my work.


That is how it looks inside. Fairly true to the real colour.


That is my first-ever successful use of Tunisian (knit) stitch (link leads to’s video instructions). I used the same regular hook, because this strap is only 5 stitches across. I love how the cotton blend yarn gives a perfect definition to the knit stitch.


This is the button closure. Larger than life button, but I like it. It makes a statement, don’t you think?


Yes, that’s my hand πŸ™‚ By now discerning (and patient) readers would have gathered that this is yet another bag. So I present proudly:


Ta-da!!!!!! I’m proud of myself for several reasons, including fusible fabric, bling-y button, made-up pattern (ok it’s quite elementary, but still!), Tunisian stitch…

Er-urm. Here’s the details:

Yarn: Aunt Lydia’s Baby Denim and Vardhman Feather Fresh
Hook: Pony 4.5 mm

Pattern: All my very own!!!!!
Time: Over two days
Size: 8.5″ x 6.5β€³(straps are about 9″ high)
Extra: #1 Where do I begin?! Ok, I successfully used the Tunisian knit stitch (link leads to ARNie’s written instructions) for the first time ever for the straps

#2 Love the definition the cotton yarn gives, and since the base was already anchored to the purse, the Tunisian part did not curl.

#3 My first time using fusible lining. I bought a metre of the fabric used for collars and cuffs. I was wondering if it might make it too stiff, but it’s fine.

#4 Cut up an old t-shirt (doesn’t match exactly, but that’s ok)

#5 There’s bling in them thar button

#6 Posting about it is successfully distracting me from the terror in Bombay. πŸ™

11 thoughts on “All mine!

  1. Nice job all the way around-tunisian and lining!!

  2. Beautiful! and your own pattern! Cheers! πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m in total awe of this fuseable fabric!!! I have to learn this. and by the way, some of us are praying for you guys over there today. Keep your head up, and stay safe!

  4. Oh Swapna – you have a fabulous purse there. Congratulations. I saw this blog link from the Tunisian Group and had to check you out. Keep on going Girrrl !!

  5. Love your work and intricate details in the photos. You look like you have a ton of fun knitting. I haven’t ventured out beyond scarves yet… but hopefully when the moment strikes me, I’ll do something a little bit more creative.

  6. Swapnae, that bag looks lovely! And you’ve done a great job on it. And Congratulations on your very own pattern.
    Now that fusable fabric seems like something I need IMMEDIATELY !! I have a bag done and have been putting off doing the lining. Thanx for the great idea!

  7. I love this bag!!!!! =) It’s very beautiful!! Cragratulations!!!
    kisses, Claudia

  8. Very pretty, and whatfresh, cool colors for summer!

  9. Yey! Swapna beats that tunision and does her own design too – good girl! πŸ˜‰

  10. Hey dear have a nice weekend!!! =)
    kisses, Claudia

  11. It is a beautiful bag, Swapna! I love the color and the button! I think the kind of button you choose gives an item it’s personality. Ya done good, my friend! πŸ™‚

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