All pictures are clickable for the curious.

Yes, I have another finished object to show today.


That is fusible fabric fused to an old cut-up t-shirt, in turn fabric-glued to my work.


That is how it looks inside. Fairly true to the real colour.


That is my first-ever successful use of Tunisian (knit) stitch (link leads to’s video instructions). I used the same regular hook, because this strap is only 5 stitches across. I love how the cotton blend yarn gives a perfect definition to the knit stitch.


This is the button closure. Larger than life button, but I like it. It makes a statement, don’t you think?


Yes, that’s my hand πŸ™‚ By now discerning (and patient) readers would have gathered that this is yet another bag. So I present proudly:


Ta-da!!!!!! I’m proud of myself for several reasons, including fusible fabric, bling-y button, made-up pattern (ok it’s quite elementary, but still!), Tunisian stitch…

Er-urm. Here’s the details:

Yarn: Aunt Lydia’s Baby Denim and Vardhman Feather Fresh
Hook: Pony 4.5 mm

Pattern: All my very own!!!!!
Time: Over two days
Size: 8.5″ x 6.5β€³(straps are about 9″ high)
Extra: #1 Where do I begin?! Ok, I successfully used the Tunisian knit stitch (link leads to ARNie’s written instructions) for the first time ever for the straps

#2 Love the definition the cotton yarn gives, and since the base was already anchored to the purse, the Tunisian part did not curl.

#3 My first time using fusible lining. I bought a metre of the fabric used for collars and cuffs. I was wondering if it might make it too stiff, but it’s fine.

#4 Cut up an old t-shirt (doesn’t match exactly, but that’s ok)

#5 There’s bling in them thar button

#6 Posting about it is successfully distracting me from the terror in Bombay. 😦