Well, I can’t think of a more imaginative title! Some time in February, I won a contest on Amie’s blog, and the prize was any one of her patterns. I chose the Shelly Shopper. And today I finished it. It’s actually a very fast and easy pattern, and the way it is presented is wonderful, with full colour pictures of the stitches and how they are done, and Amie adds a printer-friendly version of the pattern as well in the same file.

Shelly Shopper Bag

I used a different yarn than called for (well, obviously!) and it turned out smaller and wider. Am still wondering if I should line it…it has holes. I have an idea which might ruin it forever…I have some of the fusible fabric used for cuffs and collars and want to try it for lining. It will be rather stiff, but well, anything to avoid sewing! Anyway, here are the specs:

Yarn: Aunt Lydia’s Baby Denim

Hook: Pony 4.5 mm (is that a G? I’m too lazy to find a list now)

Pattern: Shelly Shopper from Nexstitch.com
Time: Each side took only about an hour or so
Size: 9″ x 10″

Extra: #1 Planning to line it like a collar!!!

#2 Used plastic handles for the first time ever. Those and one more are the only choice available. I’ll show you the others some time.

#3 Perhaps using the yarn and hook called for in the pattern would have reduced the holey-ness, but I’d never have made it then, would I?! (say that with a lilt a la Eliza Doolittle)

#4 The husband thinks the original looks much better, but that’s ok. I’m happy with it so far (who know what will happen after I line it?)