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I wish….

I wish I had the luxury of being able to answer when asked: "Is there any yarn you do not like?" "Yes acrylic! I absolutely loathe it…." What about if that's the only kind you get?

Don't mind me, I'm still going through the participant list at SP7. Seem to be whining too much, but let's think of it as "mind-broadening", instead 😉

3 thoughts on “I wish….

  1. For some of us, acrylic is the only kind we can afford to buy right now. There is one advantage to acrylic – you can machine wash and dry. Your typical working people with children don’t want to have to hand wash or lay flat to dry as with other yarns. Cotton yarn is inexpensive too but tends to shrink when machine dried.
    Some kind soul (who will be nameless) did RAOK me with 10 skeins of imported yarn last summer. They are 70% acrylic and 30% wool. Its a nice soft yarn but not one that I could afford to purchase on my own.
    Have you tried ordering yarns online?

  2. Heehee – I hope I’m not bothering you with all of the comments. I’m just kind of brainless right now for a crochet entry of my own 🙂

  3. Acrylic also comes in wilder colors than any other fiber.

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