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Correction: There be crocheters, too!

Just not very conspicuous, you know… In Secret Pal 7, that is. Been trolling through the participants list and found some do both crochet and knitting. Yay! Only reached as far as 'B', though!

Found the international participants are from the UK, a couple from Germany…one in Japan…will have to see who else I discover. Found another fellow-crocheter, too!

1 thought on “Correction: There be crocheters, too!

  1. LOL! You just like her for her cat picture! ::wink:: What an expression that little critter has, eh? Looks like me in the morning – “don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee!!!”

    I lost a lot of links in the last 6 months, having to reformat my hard drive twice, then replace the silly thing, so I am happy that you gave Lori’s link. Thank you!

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