Yes, he does! I know for a fact that there are 3 packages (yes, count them, t-h-r-e-e) on their way to me since last month or before…and how many have I got? Zero, z-e-r-o! In fact I haven't got any mail for at least the last 10 days (that's t-e-n). Why does he hate me? Danged if I know!

Oh, and my stalker has deserted me, too. Dunno why, but I miss being ambushed…was it something I did?

On the yarny front, I picked up my SWIP again today and made some progress. Let's just say it's made of diamonds and I've got about 11 (yes, e-le-v-e-n) of them done, with maybe another 9 (n-i-n-e) to go. It's nice and easy and I'm enjoying doing it. But pictures will have to wait, of course.

Also, I finished last night another doily I tested for Kathy, and it is being crucified blocked right now. As soon as it dries off, there will be images, I assure you.

Today I also had my first tea from my elfing, the Mixed Berry flavour. Had it cold, of course. It was…nice and berry-like 😀

Also please welcome India's second third crochet blogger, Pearlin! Go and check her journal out!

Why does the postman hate me?