Just so everyone knows, I make booties because they are fast and easy. No, I am not pregnant, nor particularly wanting to be. Thanks for asking. So there! *sniff*

Why can't I be allowed to make booties if I like them, huh?

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  1. Ahhh, I’m childless mostly by choice myself. Diabetes was too bad for me to have (human) kids (lol…you know about the furry ones!) by the time I was ready to have them. So, I had a tubal ligation. I’m happy with the decision and freedom. Plus, I get to concentrate on being a great and wonderful Aunt to my niece and nephew. If I were to make baby items, I would probably make for donating purposes or friends and family. I do have a lot of baby patterns printed out too!

  2. Perhaps a miracle will happen and you will be blessed with a litter of kittens, the non-allergic vareity! Hey, I am sure stranger things have happened, ummmm somewhere in the universe!

    Maybe you can make baby things for a local ophanage….

  3. I understand that feeling just too well. I love making booties….as u must’ve seen in my crochet album. I made booties so often …everyone had questions all the time. I enjoyed smiling coyly and keeping them guessing . Cruel …I know…but I enjoyed it.

  4. Whoa! We’re only supposed to make baby things if we are pregnant or already have kidlets? Sheesh! What a bunch of balooney! Keep making whatever it is you want to make, and ignore those who question and ask!

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