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Just so everyone knows, I make booties because they are fast and easy. No, I am not pregnant, nor particularly wanting to be. Thanks for asking. So there! *sniff*

Why can't I be allowed to make booties if I like them, huh?

6 thoughts on “Clarification

  1. Ahhh, I’m childless mostly by choice myself. Diabetes was too bad for me to have (human) kids (lol…you know about the furry ones!) by the time I was ready to have them. So, I had a tubal ligation. I’m happy with the decision and freedom. Plus, I get to concentrate on being a great and wonderful Aunt to my niece and nephew. If I were to make baby items, I would probably make for donating purposes or friends and family. I do have a lot of baby patterns printed out too!

  2. Perhaps a miracle will happen and you will be blessed with a litter of kittens, the non-allergic vareity! Hey, I am sure stranger things have happened, ummmm somewhere in the universe!

    Maybe you can make baby things for a local ophanage….

  3. I understand that feeling just too well. I love making booties….as u must’ve seen in my crochet album. I made booties so often …everyone had questions all the time. I enjoyed smiling coyly and keeping them guessing . Cruel …I know…but I enjoyed it.

  4. who told you that?!!!!!Enjoy your carefree days crocheting what you choose and enjoy girl!!!!

  5. Oh course you can make whatever you want! After all, it’s your hook and you can do what you want with it!!

  6. Whoa! We’re only supposed to make baby things if we are pregnant or already have kidlets? Sheesh! What a bunch of balooney! Keep making whatever it is you want to make, and ignore those who question and ask!

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