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Knitted dishcloth

Some Peaches n' Creme left over from Kat's CAT PAC with the help of # 7 knitting needles (don't ask me for mm please!) turned into this dishcloth for my first CLBFX partner: She actually wanted Sugar n Cream yarn, which I can't find here, so I sent her some local yarn (Vardhman, acrylic, what else), but decided to turn this bit of cotton into something she might use.

I know, I know, it looks hideously misshapen…Now you know why I crochet more than I knit…This was my first-ever knitted dishcloth and I didn't have enough of the yarn to make it square or to add a proper edging. Bah. Should I have blocked the thing for aesthetics? It'll only get wet again, anyway….

Also perhaps the stitch pattern wasn't the best choice for a variegated yarn:

And do you know, Sugar n Cream is thicker than Peaches n Creme? They are both 4-ply cotton yarns, mind!

Now to wait 15 days till she receives the packages (yes, after all that fuss, I forgot to pack the dishcloth into the package, so I sent it separately….)

Also does it sound nicer to say knitted or knit? Anyone?

Yarn: Peaches 'n Creme in ombre
Needles: Aluminium 7/4.50mm
Pattern: On the back of the yarn wrapper
Time: Don't remember
Size: Did not measure (was too discouraged by the shape)
Extra: #1 Ombre does not look nice with a textured stitch in knit
#2 I need to finish my knit items better

9 thoughts on “Knitted dishcloth

  1. Swapnae,
    That dishcloth looks quite nice and handy too. I love the colours.
    I tried knitting the same pattern dishcloth sometime back but I can tell you this is beautiful compared to what I ended up with!! Mine was a monster!
    The colours are just right for Indian kitchens and spices. I bet Haldi stains wont look absurd on this one!

  2. Fresh colours.Go on knitting because it goes very well just now and you have so many possibilities left.Nice to use different technics
    Ulla in the north of Sweden

  3. I think it looks great in the varigated yarn!!…Love the pattern. I have never used Peaches and cream.

  4. really like the colours on the dishcloth and its great that you know to knit as well.

  5. Nice job on the knit washcloth! I think the pattern looks terrific! I’m spending time learning to knit so I can be a true ‘yarn addict’ too. 🙂

  6. You are much too hard on yourself! The dishcloth is lovely! And, I’ve never seen that sort of “spike” stitch pattern in knitting. Very cool!

  7. My knitting is nice in the middle but the edges leave a lot to be desired…whether I selvedge or not!

  8. I agree with everyone else’s opinions. I think the dishcloth looks just fine in the ombre! I like the pattern with that dropped stitch too! I also know about being one’s worst critic, so perhaps for yourself, you should “try try again” until YOU are comfortable with the pattern.

    Yasmin has me curious…what is “Haldi”???

  9. this is a seriously awesome dishcloth. what yarn package did you get the pattern from?

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