Some Peaches n' Creme left over from Kat's CAT PAC with the help of # 7 knitting needles (don't ask me for mm please!) turned into this dishcloth for my first CLBFX partner: She actually wanted Sugar n Cream yarn, which I can't find here, so I sent her some local yarn (Vardhman, acrylic, what else), but decided to turn this bit of cotton into something she might use.

I know, I know, it looks hideously misshapen…Now you know why I crochet more than I knit…This was my first-ever knitted dishcloth and I didn't have enough of the yarn to make it square or to add a proper edging. Bah. Should I have blocked the thing for aesthetics? It'll only get wet again, anyway….

Also perhaps the stitch pattern wasn't the best choice for a variegated yarn:

And do you know, Sugar n Cream is thicker than Peaches n Creme? They are both 4-ply cotton yarns, mind!

Now to wait 15 days till she receives the packages (yes, after all that fuss, I forgot to pack the dishcloth into the package, so I sent it separately….)

Also does it sound nicer to say knitted or knit? Anyone?

Yarn: Peaches 'n Creme in ombre
Needles: Aluminium 7/4.50mm
Pattern: On the back of the yarn wrapper
Time: Don't remember
Size: Did not measure (was too discouraged by the shape)
Extra: #1 Ombre does not look nice with a textured stitch in knit
#2 I need to finish my knit items better