What do you do when you have a skein of Red Heart Baby Sport Pompadour freshly minted in Hushabye, chilly weather in Hyderabad and a smallish niece in need of a sweater? You crochet a sweater…..(dumb question, silly answer).

I turned the net upside down (you mean you didn’t notice?) looking for a nice cardigan pattern for a 7 year old girl which wasn’t too dense (thick, heavy) but didn’t find any. So I turned to a baby pattern instead, from Serendipity Crochet. (This site seems to be defunct now, but I’ve given the web archive link here).

ETA December 16 2007: The site seems to be up and running again, so here’s the link to the pattern there.

So here it is:


Isn’t the colourway (or whatever you call it) adorable? I’d love to see how it turns out knitted. Here is a closeup of the pattern stitches, which is a simple one using crossed dc (skip 1 st, dc in next st, dc in skipped st across).


As usual I was too lazy to go out and buy buttons, so I made flowers for closure instead. Here’s a closeup:


And here it is all buttoned up:

I used a size J hook 6.00mm (Boye). I bought some very soft white local yarn to do the edges in. Worked out ok, I think.

Thank you so much for the Red Heart yarn Cordelia!!!

Alack and alas, the cardigan looks just right, so it might be too small for next year…A good excuse to make another next year!