Cabled hat for nephew

Did I already blog this? I don’t remember. Anyway, the pattern is from Etaria’s Crochet Garden, and I’ve made it several times already. It’s super simple to do, and getting the cable effect in crochet is a great idea! Yarn is local, but I’m not too sure of which hook I used…

My nephew is modelling it for me here:


And here is a closeup of the pattern:


In love with sewing, weaving, crochet, and with bags and pouches and fabric. I love colour and pattern and texture. I love having my hands busy. Some day I hope my craft will become my day job.

3 thoughts on “Cabled hat for nephew

  1. Very, very nice! I have seen this pattern while surfing the ‘net and wondered if it was easy or not. It looks difficult!

    ps – I’m back to blogging about crochet. You’ve been warned! Ha, ha!

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