I needed (no really!) thread to finish my current project, as well as some for my next assignment, as well as some beads…so I had to go shopping. These are the goodies I came back with:

The smaller balls are the project finishers, nothing new there. The large one is the famous “knitting cotton” which might be size 10 or might not. Haven’t decided yet what wearable I am going to make for myself, but had to have a sample of the thread *grin*.

Some needles in a case…just in case! I was hoping I would find that big-eye needle that is used for beading, but no such luck. Found some very fine ones (on the left) which I doubt I will be using for anything at all. They are beading needles, but must be used with thread the size of sewing thread or something. I had a problem even getting my needle threader through them.
And with my trembling hands? Forget it!

Local pattern books with lovely doily patterns! I need about 36 hours in a day, methinks.

My next project will probably be in this colour, size 20. What’s wrong with yellow?

Haven’t got a pic of the beads I picked up, really cheap (and I mean cheap, not inexpensive ones). I’m not very happy with the quality, but I have to take what I get…And if I want to work in larger gauge thread, I need larger beads, but these seem to be the only ones going…*sigh*

And for those of you who might be wondering, yes, I do actually use all the stuff I buy, just haven’t got anything finished to show you right now…..