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Got my CAT PAC for July from Jacqui in Australia today. YAY! My horizons are expanding, because she sent me:

in eyelash yarn (I’m pretty sure) which I’ve never seen before! Here’s a closeup:

It must have been tough to work with that yarn! It’s actually a lime-green and olive-green combo, which isn’t showing up well in the picture.

Then she also sent me:

A teddy bear tea towel with a pastel blue crocheted towel topper. Here is a closeup of the topper:

I also got:

This is a pin cushion meant to be worn on a finger (my thumb, here) for sticking a couple of pins into when you need your hands free. Isn’t that a smart idea? The base is a cola bottle cap.

Because the PAC came from Australia she sent me:

The koala is attached to a keyring.

You must take a look at Jacqui’s collection of hooks (630 at last count, I think), as well as some of the amazing work she does.

There are two more CATs to go this year. CAT is the Crochet-A-Thon monthly chat, which is also an opportunity for members of Crochetlist to pledge crocheted items for the charities selected for the month. It is a 24-hour marathon chat and we have crocheters logging in from Australia, USA, Britain, Germany, India and other places.

5 thoughts on “July CAT PAC

  1. wow….lots of goodies!
    I really like that pin cushion idea…

    Yep thats eyelash yarn….

    Nice pressies!

  2. I love all the stuff!!!

  3. Nice, yes, but my husband wants to know: Do you deserve all this?

  4. Oh my! and I thought I had a lot of hooks.
    I love the koala bear!

  5. Wow looks like you had all the luck to wins ucha prize!! I was in CL way back from 1997 to 1999 and then somehow just dropped off from there! Good to hear that they still are having their CAT!

    And about the deserving part… well we all deserve such goodies lol:)


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