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Doily sorrow and joy

First, the good news:

Yes, my doily has arrived from my swap partner, Susana aka Kevspepper at Crochetville.

Isn’t it a lovely colour? And the work is so neat, too! Susana also added a cute needle holder, about the size of a coin purse.

Open, it looks like this. The needles will be stuck into the foam thingy lining. So nice!

Now for the bad news.

My swapee partner wrote to me that she has received the envelope and the letter I wrote her, but not the doily! Arghhhh! Waaah! As you can see, I don’t know whether to scream or cry. Scream in anger or cry in disappointment. Apparently the envelope had been slit open (presumably by the customs, I knew putting in that steel hook was a mistake , those people probably thought it was a weapon of mass destruction or something…) and there was no doily in it. Bah!
Since it is now lost anyway, I thought I’d reveal what it looked like:

Lost doily

My first-ever Irish crochet piece and it’s now lost. What a shame!

7 thoughts on “Doily sorrow and joy

  1. That’s so sad! It’s a lovely doily too! 🙁

  2. Oh Swapna….. all your beautiful work!

    Hope it will work out!

  3. Well, some theif is enjoying it, no doubt. It is a beautiful doily.

    Now, go forth and make another. You did it once, you can do it again. (This time keep it)
    ~ DAWN

  4. That is really sad! It was such a beautiful doily!!!

    I’ve been tagged, by you tagging Drew. Maybee you should try one of the Norwegian tags…lol

  5. What a beautiful doily! It’ll arrive eventually. I’m sure of it! Great job, Swapna!

  6. Oh no, I just re-read your post and I see that the envelope and letter was received, but not the doily! Now I understand the disappointment!

    You can be sure someone is enjoying it though, Swapna. Maybe not your intended recipient, but out there somewhere in this great big world, someone has this beautiful doily.

    I choose to believe that the package ripped or something and the doily got separated from the package and someone just didn’t know what to do with a lost doily. Maybe it wasn’t anywhere near its original package when it was discovered. You know, I think I’m going to tag my doilies with “To” and “From” addresses in the future when I mail them, JUST IN CASE this happens! But then again, someone would probably love to keep the creation rather than send it back. Doilies are beautiful!

    I’m sorry the doily didn’t make it to your partner, Swapna, but think good thoughts about the situation instead of the bad ones. 🙂 SOMEONE is surely enjoying your beautiful creation.

  7. Thanks everyone for your encouraging remarks…I wish I could feel content that someone somewhere is enjoying the doily, but I keep having visions of it lying somewhere trampled underfoot and unrecognisable by now. I’m sure all the woven ends must have come undone by now!

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