First, the good news:

Yes, my doily has arrived from my swap partner, Susana aka Kevspepper at Crochetville.

Isn’t it a lovely colour? And the work is so neat, too! Susana also added a cute needle holder, about the size of a coin purse.

Open, it looks like this. The needles will be stuck into the foam thingy lining. So nice!

Now for the bad news.

My swapee partner wrote to me that she has received the envelope and the letter I wrote her, but not the doily! Arghhhh! Waaah! As you can see, I don’t know whether to scream or cry. Scream in anger or cry in disappointment. Apparently the envelope had been slit open (presumably by the customs, I knew putting in that steel hook was a mistake , those people probably thought it was a weapon of mass destruction or something…) and there was no doily in it. Bah!
Since it is now lost anyway, I thought I’d reveal what it looked like:

Lost doily

My first-ever Irish crochet piece and it’s now lost. What a shame!