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Katchkan’s Jaclim’s Star Doily pattern tested

So this was one of the mystery doilies I was working on the last week. I was testing the pattern for Kathy aka Katchkan at Crochetville. It was a great pattern to work with, every round was interesting. I’ve never done this sort of stitch before, I think it’s the “Lacet” stitch. It makes for a very nice look.
I specially loved how Kathy designed the last row, which is basically composed of ch, scs, tr clusters and trs and picots. Instead of having you do four different monotonic rows, she composed a single composite row worked in manageable sections. Ingenious!

3 thoughts on “Katchkan’s Jaclim’s Star Doily pattern tested

  1. Wow!! It looks really pretty! You did a great job on it!

  2. Thanks! It was great fun making it.

  3. Great edging!

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