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We’re upto double figures, folks!

**Trumpets and flourishes**
Yes, the poll results are out, and the biggest news is! We had 14 voters in our second poll. **faints**
Well, what about the results, you say? They are interesting, to say the least-it appears we have a few deviants amongst us:

According to my poll, when the pattern calls for a colour change,
1 (7%) scream in agony and run away

4 (28%) fetch up the exact shade called for

8 (57%) pick up whatever colour is at hand

1 (7%) continue with the same colour and hope no one notices

Total votes: 14

Whoever voted for option 1, please email me privately, I’d like to talk to you.
Option 2ers, you’re sick…
Option 3ers, yes, I’m your blood-sibling
Option 4er: you are an optimist, aren’t you?

3 thoughts on “We’re upto double figures, folks!

  1. Now why would I want to let you know who I am? You want to talk to me privately… Uh, uh, AHHHH! (runs away screaming in agony…)

  2. Hey! Come back, I only want to talk, I promise…..I won’t hurt you

  3. I’m sick, and proud of it! 😉

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