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Donna’s Claudia Bolero

Here is my patchwork bolero folks. I was testing the pattern for Donna. The patchwork effect is totally unintended!

Here is how the back looks:

And the whole thing without me inside:

5 thoughts on “Donna’s Claudia Bolero

  1. It looks fine, intentional-don’t tell anyone and they’ll never know!

  2. Wow! Great job!

  3. I like is looks very bohemian which I find very appealing. It’s a compliment I promise.

  4. I like it too.. You can’t tell it is unintentional.

  5. Thanks all, for you encouragement and assurances…..I think it’s a bit patchy, myself, but then who am I to talk?! The original patchy! And I wouldn’t dare try something like this intentionally, I’d probably end up making it all symmetrical or something. Heehee

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