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Amazing growth!!!

It’s official! The voting population of this blog has now doubled. We have so far…hold your breath…..6 voters in the second poll. Yay! That’s not an earthquake, that’s me jumping up and down (unless you are in California, in which case, please evacuate your house immediately until the tremors stop).
If you haven’t yet voted, please do so now.———–>
Who knows, I might even reach double figures one day….

3 thoughts on “Amazing growth!!!

  1. I votes……did I win something? hehe just kidding! Just wanted to welcome yo to crochetville, I enjoy reading your post…what a wonderful sense of humour you have!
    Look forward to getting to know ya!

  2. Okay, I voted too – but got an error message when I hit the button, so I’m not certain whether my vote counted or not. When I hit the back button, it displayed the results, with a total of 9 votes, so your growth is continuing, at least!

    Welcome to Crochetville! Love your sense of humor – I’ll definitely be checking in for more!

  3. Thank you, thank you, it’s nice to be appreciated! And for doing me the honour of voting in my poll, both of you get a warm hug (it’s very hot here…)

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