Kudos to Viji

While I was away, I met a fellow crocheter, Viji, and was just overwhelmed at the affection she and her husband, Victor, showed me. But also, I was in total awe of the amazing work Viji does with her hands, not just crochet but several kinds of international and local embroidery. She is working with a local institute in Chennai to help create lessons for these sew crafts and the examples she has sewn are unbelievable.

I got a couple of pictures of her crochet work:

And one sampler of the other kinds of embroidery she's working on:

This embroidery is fully reversible, and Viji's work is so neat! What's more, Victor is fully supportive of her work, and even knows better than her where her WIPs, FOs, and stash items are!

Viji & Victor treated me to lunch at Saravana Bhavan in Mylapore, followed by an extended browse at the Landmark bookstore. They gifted me with the Harmony Guide to 300 Crochet Stitches (Vol 6 of the series). Yummy!

Viji also gave me a bag for my stash, which is made by a lady in Pune, apparently. I'll post pictures of it later. It's a padded black bag with handy zip pockets on the sides for hooks and needles, and about 15"x10"x10". Also a few balls of Anchor thread (Knitting cotton).

A wonderful time! Thank you, again, Viji & Victor!

Crochet Paradise – Waaah!

For "stageacter" who was looking for Denise Augostine's Crochet Paradise site, you can one used to be able to find it through webarchive.org here.
But checking today, I find that all I get from the archives is a domain registration site….Waah!

The Wayback machine is a good resource for finding any website that has become defunct, just enter the last address you remember for it and it gives you the cached archive. Sometimes pictures don't load properly, but you can often do a directory search and see them.

Near-death experience

Just joking. But I goofed somehow and eliminated much of my template code and all you could see when you visited my blog was a blank, black page….
But, being the clever girl that I am **pat, pat, pat my back** I immediately hollered at Crochetville and sure enough, a couple of **angels** helped me out. So normal service is resumed. Whew! That’s why I’m up long past my bedtime, and only about 300,000 of the half-million ends left to weave in on my current “elfin” project.
Thank you, CraftyCritter and Empress Busy Bee! You saved my life blog! Posterity will curse thank you!