I did begin a new weaving project, wanting to have more of my weaving available for the upcoming exhibition, but it hasn’t quite taken off yet. The sewing bug is still strong.

Warp on loom

I had the whole day off on Saturday but nothing got done craft wise. Today I’m hoping to conquer a new fabric, some cork (real or synthetic? I’m not sure how to tell the difference) and make some slimline wallets in an assembly line. I’ve made a few before, and theoretically it’s possible to finish them between now and bedtime.


Batik and printed cotton interiors

As always, though, when confronted by the options to choose from for a complex project that needs several fabrics to be chosen, I’m paralysed in terror. The cork was easy to cut, and so far I’ve managed to choose the interiors for the set.

I’d better get a move on, before the precious weekend ends and the madness that is the working week begins. Wish me concentration and efficiency!