Sometimes I call it an excuse, sometimes it’s a whip.

Despite the angst I put myself through, I find I always have a better record of actually finishing stuff if there’s a looming deadline. This could be

  • an impending visitor (traditionally a woman guest is always bestowed a gift with fruit and kumkum on her forehead, but that’s too traditional, and yet I still feel compelled not to let her go away empty handed)
  • a trip where I will stay at someone’s house (well, naturally you take a hostess gift if you’re imposing on their hospitality)
  • meet a friend (because the pleasure of my company is never enough)
  • a child’s birthday (I’m too lazy or preoccupied to go out and buy the unexciting gift, all those standard games and my daughter thinks if I buy books for her friends it’s too boring)
  • an upcoming event (although that’s only happened twice so far)
  • an actual order

So today the school is celebrating Teachers’ Day, and naturally I felt I had to make something for my daughter to carry for her teachers. I thought of zipper pouches and actually cut out some fabric, but then dialled it down to more reasonable bookmarks.

Bookmark in book

Mark the spot

I had the ideal fabric, which I bought as a set of 30 50 cm x 5 cm precuts from (trying out affiliate links for the first time) (from China, I believe). Prints I wouldn’t normally buy, and the fabric isn’t very dense, but it turned out to be ideal for this project.

  • I interfaced the strips with non-woven interfacing,
  • folded each 50 cm (~19.5″) strip in half length-wise, right sides together
  • sewed up about a 1/4″ seam on the two long sides
  • turned each tube right side out
  • turned in the top opening by about 14″
  • inserted my label folded in half
  • topstitched the whole thing around, thus sewing the opening closed

I managed to find 14 unique prints in the lot, so each teacher gets a different bookmark. Yay! Turning the tubes right side out took up most of my time, plus since I ironed on the interfacing all at once and chained the seaming, those parts went quickly.

And hey, presto, not too long after midnight, I had my Teachers’ Day gifts all done and ready to gift.

I’m still trying out my light box skills, so please excuse the lighting.