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Bags full

For someone who hates most change and resists changing handbags for fear of forgetting to transfer something essential, I do love making bags, both knit and crochet. Then I give most of them away.

This one I made last year for a friend on Ravelry. No, I lie. I actually made it to test the pattern for the designer, and then the friend said she liked it. So we swapped. I hope she’s getting use out of it.

The yarn was Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton someone sent me in a RAK, with a 3.75 mm hook. I find the kitchen cotton sort of yarn is best suited for bags. It’s too thick for dishcloths and not nice enough for wearables. But it makes nice sturdy bags and purses.

The handles were a gift, too, and what makes me happiest about this bag, since I crocheted them in while making the bag, rather than sewing them in later. So no fiddling with needle and yarn after the fact!

Since it is styled as a Sunny Summer Tote, I suppose that would have been enough, but I decided to line it with some silk I bought. I added a pocket as well.

The pattern is simple enough and seamless, and works up quickly too. Here’s a close-up of what I did for the handles. I held the handles in position, and then made the sc inserting the hook into the hole meant for attachment (does it have a special name?) and around it into the row below and then finishing the sc in the usual way.

The primary reason I like bags is that they finish fast, I think. But somehow I usually make them with colours which mean I cannot use them like regular purses. Most of my accessories are black or brown so I don’t have to worry about matching them!

Next up is a pattern which has become very popular, being a knockoff of a designer bag, I believe. Yes, the Nordstrom bag. Another quick and easy pattern and easy to modify. That explains why it is so popular. I made several of these, with kitchen cotton, and some of the Russian cotton that saw me through many projects. The handles were gifts again. I haven’t found sources for anything other than bamboo handles here.

The one modification I made was to made the 4-dc shell into the space between the second and third dcs, rather than into the third dc as the pattern recommends, because somehow I didn’t feel that would be symmetrical. Again, I sc’d the handles into place, having to redo them a few times to get it right. I lined all three and they went to three sisters. Blessed if I can figure out why the text is not wrapping around this image.

Here’s my project page. I need to make more bags.

Update: I don’t know why I didn’t add this one earlier, but perhaps I didn’t because it was supposed to be a surprise for my friend who got the tote. So here is a picture, and more details in my Ravelry notebook.

The one that started it all.

18 thoughts on “Bags full

  1. Love them all. I like making bags too because they’re quick and easy and I just like making them and yes, I give a lot of them away because I use Vera Bradley bags mostly, so go figure. I switch out purses all the time and I end up losing something and digging through 10 bags looking for it. All my bags have stuff left in them.

  2. PS-I’ve had that Nordstrom bag bookmarked forever and I even saved a strap from an old purse the zipper broke on and still haven’t made it because I can’t sew and line it!

    I also use the felted entrelac bag you sent me (you might see it in the pics on FB of Pirate Night cause I brought it with me there). I use that bag when I only carry a change purse, drivers license and cell phone. Love it and love the colors.

    1. I hate sewing and lining, too! It always takes me much longer to get that part done than the actual bag itself. But since I had to give these away, I had to finish them up. No point in making bags if they have holes in them!


  3. I’ve always loved the pooling design on the pink and brown one since you first posted it. Looks like very elegant patent- leather alligator.
    Remember I found something left under the bed after I had mailed Chandra’s package? I don’t know why they call it a “Gator” (there are other brand names too). It’s a sort of wrap around inside purse liner with trillions of pockets to hold everything you keep in your purse, so you can switch it out to a different purse every day. I bought it so I could use my many self-made handbags. Nonetheless I still carry the same black one every day.

    1. I’ve heard of those kinds of things. Not sure how useful I’d find it. As you’re saying.

  4. I love bag patterns, but I rarely make bags because of the sewing and lining. (I can’t sew.) I do like making market-type bags that aren’t intended to be lined. I may have to make this one. Yours is lovely.

    1. Thanks! I have a market bag someone else knit and swapped with me, and I find it very useful, but I’m not too fond of making any myself…Despite the sewing!

  5. Thank you for your comment!
    Glad you linked so I found you.
    Nice bags you have made.
    The parasol was so cool.
    The girl in the picture further down is so beautiful =)

    1. Thank you 🙂

  6. I can assure you this bag is in constant use – I have used it as a project bag all fall and winter and will “wear” it again as a handbag (my summer wardrobe is more lightcolored) coming spring and summer. The lining is beautiful! Actually I am constantly fighting off compliments (“no no no no I didn’t make this bag, a very talented friend made it,and so sorry, I don’t know where she got those handles from ….”)

    1. I’m glad to hear that 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for using our Kitchen Cotton! It really is a great yarn for making bags. I love your choice of handles as well. Happy crafting!

    With warm regards,
    Jess H.
    Lion Brand Yarn

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, Jess 🙂 Kitchen cotton is nice and sturdy, and I love it for bags 🙂


  8. I thought that your parasol was stunning. Such a clever way to use a round shawl pattern.

    1. I know! Wasn’t I brilliant?

  9. These are great and functional!!

    1. Yes, and I hope everyone who got one is using them!

  10. I love the bags you have made! I am a purse-a-holic myself! I also tested a couple of bags for Yasmin – the Reema and Circle Spiral. She has great designs!

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