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A false Fall

Orange covers

I’ve never seen Fall (Autumn) myself, though we are supposed to have, in Indian tradition, 6 seasons (Vasant, Grishm, Varsha, Sharad, Hemant and Sisir), it’s usually only, mild, hot and hotter. Or damp, damper and dampest if you live in Kerala.

However, I do believe the colours I just chose for two projects are Fall colours, the colours of the foliage as it prepares to drop. I’ve wanted to break out of my comfort zone of inoffensive pastels and typical choices, so when I decided to make a couple of covers for the new TV at my parents’ home and the DVD player, I took my courage in my hands and chose these. I wasn’t sure how they’d work, but I think they do fine. (My mother did tease me though, “Would you wear a saree in these colours?” The answer to that I think would still be NO.)

I also took the opportunity to try two patterns I’ve had my eyes on for a while. The first of those was the diagonal box stitch (also called crazy stitch, I think). I found a good tutorial at Crochet Cabana here. Then there was the popular Wooleater blanket from Sarah London (who always has such gorgeous colours on her blog).

Orange covers

Yarn: Unnamed acrylic in sport weight, 5 different colours, about a hank each. The whole batch cost me Rs 88/-. Cheap!

Patterns: The Diagonal Box Stitch for the TV cover (above) and the Wooleater pattern for the smaller DVD player cover. I can now tick both of them off my list of crochet-to-do. Both are easier than they look and once you ‘get’ them, you don’t have to look at the instructions again.

Hook: 4.00mm

Time: The pieces themselves were quick, but the ends, oh my. There were around a 100 ends on the TV cover which I finally wove in while watching the Winter Olympic coverage. The DVD player cover had a few less, mainly because I used less yarn (the leftovers from the TV cover). The DVD cover ended up scrappy since I focused on using up the yarn rather than making sure the rows had only one colour. No problem, I wanted to use up all the yarn anyway. Great value for money.

Size: Didn’t really measure, but they are good for the purposes they were meant to serve.

Extra: Had teeny amounts of yarn left, some of which ended up in this:


It’s a hairband I made up in an hour, and it is adjustable. And yes, the baby is wearing a handknit, more of which later. Let me leave you with a link to Rima’s blog. Her use of colour inspires and amazes me.

Orange covers

13 thoughts on “A false Fall

  1. Wonderful colors! And that’s one of the cutest improvised bits of crocheting I’ve seen. It becomes her!

  2. Lovely colors-

  3. pretty! all… firey like 🙂

  4. Those are definitely full out Fall colors. Splendid work and the little bebe is cute as a button!! She’s grown!

  5. Gee. Thanks for the high praise. (Blush).

    Talking about color, what a beautiful piece of work! I love it!

  6. Gorgeous! Those are *definitely* fall colours. 🙂 Your daughter is so adorable! I wish I could snorgle her! 😉 (But not when I have my cold… I wouldn’t want to get her sick!)

  7. Very nice work.
    Best wishes

  8. Wow, fantastic colors! They do look like fall. Glad to find another crochet blog here @ wordpress!

  9. Came via iCrochet and I have to say that I really love the colours – great work

  10. Oh these Autumn colours are gorgeous!!! I love the Wool-Eater! Stunning!

  11. The colours are amazing!

  12. This was the first picture that caught my eye on i crochet. Stunning work. Well done.

    1. Thank you!

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