Everybody in the crochet world seems to have made this one, and caught by my bagmaking bug, I finally did, too. The yarn was again the same Russian cotton, and of a much smaller gauge, I think, than the recommended yarn, so this is a bit small. But no matter.

Fat Bottom Bag

Yes it’s the fat bottom bag.

Yarn: Kamteks Khlopok from Russia (Khlopok = cotton), just over half a skein. (Each skein had 250m yarn).

Hook: Size 3.50mm

Pattern: Fat Bottom Bag (Ravelry link) by Julie Holetz from Stitch’n Bitch Crochet: the Happy Hooker.

Time: 2 days. Much faster than I thought it would be.

Size: 9.5″ x 5″

Extra #1 I didn’t think it was this easy to make.

#2 I was lucky to find a bag lining tutorial before I finished and sewed it together, so I was able to sew the lining first and then finish the crochet part. My sewing was pretty bad as usual, but you are all used to that by now aren’t you?! I used an old favourite top to line.

#3 I’m ok with the yellow plastic handles (though the husband thought they were cheap – which they are). But I normally prefer shoulder bags to handheld ones. Might make the next one with some modifications. I have other ideas for the pattern in my head as well.

Just to make sure there’s no doubt of my sewing skills, I’ll leave you with a closeup of the inside of the bag.

Fat Bottom Bag