So I brought only the yarn for two WIPS with me (which are dozing, and so haven’t even found mention on Ravelry). And I was vituously telling myself that I wouldn’t buy any more. Well, guess what! I did! But I had an excuse. I truly did.

A very good friend told me when I rang him up to wish him for his birthday that he’d had a baby boy just two days previously. So of course I just had to make him something. I haven’t got any of my pattern books and patterns aren’t something you can just snatch up at your neighbourhood store here. But I’ve got a good amount on my Mac, so I trolled through them and came up with this one. What appealed most was that it’s made in one piece up to the armholes. Please ignore the fuzziness of the pictures.

The details follow.


Yarn: Local unbranded acrylic in hanks, a bluey-grey colour not showing properly in the picture. I trusted the word of the salesman on the amount to buy and got 330gms. Some is left (about a third), but then I skipped making sleeves, so that might have something to do with it. I’m not complaining anyway.

Hook: Clover Soft Touch 2.5mm (C)

Pattern: Snail Cardigan, Hat and Booties from a pattern booklet by Bernat that I got for answering a survey. The booklet itself only has this one and a knit pattern (both with blankets).

Time: About a week, I think. Been very lazy! Mostly reading and lazing around.

Size: About baby size (haven’t measured it)

Extra #1 I made a mistake about halfway up, when I did 6 rows before the waffling rather than 4, but it isn’t too glaring, so naturally I didn’t frog.

#2 Left off the sleeves.

#3 Changed the button band to two rows of plain sc and one row of slip stitch. Did the same thing on the armholes.

I also found that when it got to point of neck shaping for the left front, I was supposed to be on the wrong side (RS or WS, I forget which), so the pattern tells you to cut and rejoin. Instead I was on the correct side, as it happened, so I just continued. I don’t know how it happened, except maybe because of the error I made? But it oughtn’t to matter, because I added 2 rows, not 1. Anyhow, I’m not brooding on it much.

If you Ravel, here’s my project page.

Now I’m testing a pattern for Kathy, because I wanted to do some delicate thread work and was seriously tempted by her latest design.