Here are the pins I used to block my last doily. 40 to the package. Must buy more.

Pearlised pins

And here is an in-progress shot of my latest WIP, a baby dress for my friend’s daughter. There are some errors in the pattern, but they are manageable.

Baby dress

I’ve now finished it, but have lots and lots of ends to weave in, then I shall wash it and try and find a proper medium (teddy bear?) to display it so that the stitches show better. The pattern is from Crochet World June 2005, but I found the stitch pattern also in one of my Harmony Guides. Ain’t that nice? I’m using Anchor’s knitting cotton (which is probably equivalent to bedspread weight). Stash thread. I haven’t bought new thread/yarn for ages (except to send off to friends).

Cordelia sent me this magazine (way back when the Post Office hadn’t yet decided to devour her mail to me) in July 2005, OMG, we’ve known each other for nearly two years now. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

The blogosphere is abuzz with news of the new knitting/crochet community called Ravelry, and the concept sounds quite interesting, especially the part about being able to keep track of your projects, stash and notions online. I’m a digital geek. It’s still in beta, though, which means, I can’t join yet 😦 I have sent in my name for the list, though.

In book news, I’m reading Martha Grimes’ The Horse You Came in on, which is a Richard Jury mystery, except it’s set in the US. Hmm. And the story keeps getting interrupted by a story within a story, which I don’t think I like. It’s slow going.