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I went back to the book fair and struck it mildly lucky. I picked up a copy of this for Rs 495/-.

Montse Stanley

Not bad, eh? I’ve just skimmed through it and like the style.

Also got a few more murder mysteries…

And in waaah! news, how does one retract a unretracting retractable tape? I got one just this afternoon in a CAT PAC and enthusiastically stretched it out to its full length of 5 feet.  Now it won’t retract! Waaaaah! Only a couple of inches in and that’s it. It’s made in China.

4 thoughts on “Rewind

  1. love the new look! I love the kitties!

  2. About retracting the unretractable… I’ve dealt with recalcitrant retractors before (usually window blinds). Here’s my suggestions.

    1. (make sure you understand this before trying) Pull the tape out a tiny bit to disengage the stopping mechanism (or whatever it is you do to disengage the stopping mechanism… perhaps it is pushing a button?), then, while holding the tape taut, allow it to slowly retract. If it stops, pull a tiny bit again to re-disengage the stopping mechanism, and continue this process until either the tape is fully retracted, or it seems to want to work fine on its own.

    2. Hmmm… with blinds, I can usually wind them over a few times manually if necessary to give them enough play to get started. However, the tape measure is closed, so you can’t do this.

    Grr. I could probably figure this out if I had the thing in my hands (by disassembling and reassembling if necessary), but you’re way over there in India. I hope you get it figured out!

  3. Oh… and I love the stolen kitties too. 🙂

  4. HELLO!!! I was in a kind of vocation… I love the way your blog looks!! =) Your dish cloths are awsome!!! =) Have a nice week!!!! =)
    Kisses, Claudia

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