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It’s pouring down!

Whew, so many posts in one day. Sorry!Anyway, I have to blog about this:
Contest prize

My prize for winning a contest on The Soapy Knitter‘s blog a while ago. (I guessed closest to the weight of her notions bag, and you wouldn’t believe, my guess was simply the time at which I made it! Talk about luck :))  Thank you so much, Rosi!

The Microspun is very soft and the blue is some more sock yarn. The hank is Asti from Alpaca with a Twist, 50% alpaca and 50% cotton. It might felt, no? A bag, perhaps? Suggestions welcome.

6 thoughts on “It’s pouring down!

  1. Nice prize package!! 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Nice stuff you got there. They look yummy !

  3. Oo! Lovely yarn! What’cha gonna make?

  4. What a lovely thing to get in the mail!

    Will be waiting to see what you make! I’m using my Micro-Spun that I got in a swap to make a few scarves.

  5. The needles were something like $6.20 plus tax… certainly less than $7. It must be very frustrating for you. 🙁 You know that the KnitPicks Options needles are made in India too, right?

  6. Nice! I don’t know if the alpaca-cotton blend will felt. Animal fibres do felt, but the cotton will probably frustate the felting effort. Do you have enough for a lacy shoulder wrap? Maybe the shetland triangle?

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