Well, at least the purse he designed πŸ˜‰

I needed quick gratification, and have been dying to try my hand on this purse ever since Drew unveiled it a few days ago. Although I had promised myself that I would finish some other stuff first, I couldn’t resist this and cast on for it two nights ago. Finished it yesterday. Very nice and easy. The yarn is so nice and soft and probably deserved to be made into something worn next the skin (it is 50% merino and 50% acrylic and so soft!) but woolly things being little required in these parts, purse it became.

For the cord I used the Lobster stitch, and it is a bit too thick for the purpose, so I am now making the Parallel Chain cord found at the same tutorial for a thinner cord. The handle was supposed to be a knitted I-cord, but I cheated and used my trusty I-cord maker instead and whipped it up much faster than I would have on needles.

Purl McBigBottom

Here are the details:

Yarn: GGH Aspen in shade 39, mauve. The colour is showing correctly on my monitor. I used a bit less than one skein for the purse body. The Icord and the lobster stitch cord used up much of the second skein. The yarn was a gift from my SP, Ruth. I have another skein left (in UFO form, more of that later).
Needles & Hook: Boye aluminium circulars, size 6.50 mm/10.5 I think. There’s no marking on the needle, but from the colour (dark green) and my knitting needle gauge, I’m thinking that’s the size. It was sent me by Heide. Surprisingly light. Too long for this project of course, but I used my version of the Magic Loop or whatever. Also a Boye 6.5 mm/K/10.5 hook, which supports my guestimate of the knitting needle size.

Pattern: Drew Emborsky‘s Purl McBigBottom
Time: 2 days
Size: 6″ x 10″ approx
Extra: #1 The pattern calls for 110 yds of the yarn, but one skein of my yarn was only about 57m. Maybe if you take the Icord and the eyelet cord, it adds up.

#2 The yarn is really yummy and soft.

#3 I’m proud to have mastered the lobster stitch. The finished cord looks like a golden lanyard seen on some naval uniforms. Here’s a closeup:
Closeup of lobster stitch cord