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Winder for Yasmin


This photo is for Yasmin, who wanted to see how big a winder is. The pen is to show relative size. I hope this helps? It’s definitely an amazing piece of machinery 🙂

7 thoughts on “Winder for Yasmin

  1. I am waiting for mine. I told my Mum that was the one crafty type thing she could buy me for the holidays as shes already said no to buying me yarn!

  2. Thanks for posting the picture for me Swapnae! And it’s not too big either. And it’s definately something I (suddenly ) have a desperate need for!!! I agree, an amazing piece of machinery! Now that I’ve seen it , I have to get it . Hmmm……my mind is working on several ideas. Since most of the sites do not mail things out here , I have to find other means.

  3. I would have said it was bigger, but looking at the pen it´s not that much! I still use the back of a chair, if there´s lack of arms volunteering…! 😉

  4. It’s just so cool having one of these. Just one suggestion. Don’t go crazy winding everything until you are going to use it. You forget which yarn is which, and it is fun winding!

  5. Ohhhh…I love those winders!!!

  6. Thanks so much for your suggestion. I appreciate it. Also, I have subscribed to your posts thru Bloglines. Have a terrific weekend.

  7. Thank You

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