Badly foiled. I thought I had two alternatives to make the Sarcelle in my stash. One is a hank of bluey-green silk and the other some cashmere in a pale blue colourway from

But the silk is now lying in a depressing tangle despite my best efforts and the cashmere is breaking when I try to wind it. Is that common with cashmere? Am I supposed to coddle it? But then what will happen when I try to knit with it? Or even if I manage to knit with it, what happens to the finished object? Why is it so delicate?

Every silver lining has a cloud.

Silk has it in for me. Some silk I bought here on a cone is also standing there mocking me for not being able to use it because of tangling. I shall go hide my head under the pillow until it’s safe to come out. Don’t mind me.


  1. I did not think that the pattern would cause you this much andst…..even before you started!

    You are slightly ahead of me. While I think I know what yarn I’m going to make mine with, I’ve not even bothered looking for it yet…..let alone trying to wind it!

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