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Yay India!

The buzz in knitting circles in recent weeks has been about the new interchangeable needles introduced by Knitpicks. While I was trolling the Web for info on which brand to choose, all the fora (forums) were agog with these needles, metal rather than the resin of the Denise set that I finally decided to ask for (a friend has promised me she’s getting them for me). I found a review today and guess what! The metal parts are Made in India. That’s really good. Despite knowing they will never be sold here, I can still feel happy someone in India is making something for themselves. Really. More power to them.
Although these are cheaper than the Boye Needlemaster, I still find them expensive (you try multiplying something by 47 especially when it’s “just a hobby”). I didn’t want the Boye because I’m not particularly fond of their metal crochet hooks. I find them heavy, the colours garish and the finishing is a bit odd (they have ridges on the backs).

Pony hooks might be bland, but I like them. They have a smooth finish and they’re not nearly as heavy as the Boyes.

Now I just have to sit on my hands and wait till I get the Denises. I sincerely hope they’re worth the expense (they must be in $$, but Rs?)

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  1. You kidding me? No circs available in stores in India??? We should perhaps start a campaign with a wishlist and just give the distributors an idea of how many will be interested in purchasing the goodies.

    Come to think of it, are yarn winders as much a novelty? How about the good yarn? I mean the natural fibers and blends in weights other than worsted.

    Going back to circs, you might want to read Grumperina’s analysis on knitpicks in one of her recent posts. She did not particularly take to these circs because of how heavy they are.

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