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Warning: Image-heavy post

From our recent trip to Shillong, here are some flowers. If you can identify them, please do!

IMG_2046.JPG IMG_2041.JPG IMG_2040.JPG IMG_2031.JPG

IMG_2020.JPG IMG_2019.JPG IMG_2018.JPG IMG_2011.JPG IMG_1999.JPG IMG_1965.JPG IMG_1948.JPG IMG_1946.JPG

3 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. Thank you for posting such pretty pictures! They really cheered me up!

    And I like the dropped stitches on your project, too. The colors are not icky or tacky 🙂

  2. Hmmm… I’ll give it a try.

    1. daylily
    2. petunia
    3. petunia
    4. waterlily
    5. looks like a dianthus, going by the leaves and buds
    6. strawflower
    7. I think it’s an azalea
    8. too far away to tell
    9. hydrengia
    10. passionflower
    11. I’d guess an orchid of some sort
    12. looks like african daisies

    pretty flowers!

  3. They are just INCREDIBLE!! one by one!!! I have never seen such beautiful flowers in my whole life!!!! I would like to know if i can put 2 of them in my blog!! I hope I can!! =)
    kisses, Claudia

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