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…and, she’s back!

Less than two weeks away and WordPress refuses to recognise me! Got over that problem though with a brand-new password. Here is what I've done, yarn-wise: Dropped stitch cardigan

It's something for me and I love the colours (tacky, icky, who cares?). But squeezing 184 stitches (plus yarnovers) onto a 13.2" long 4.5 mm (Size 7) straight aluminium needle is making my hand turn into a claw…I like the dropped stitch, though, having used it earlier on a shrug for my niece (my first sweater for her).

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  1. Yo, welcome back! How was the Northeast? And I love the colours, not tacky or icky at all!

    Accha, I had a question for you. I need to get a crochet-related gift for an aunt of mine. What is a crochet-related item one cannot get in India which she might appreciate? Otherwise I was thinking a set of hooks or something.


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