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SP7 that was

Undeserving I might have been, but I've been thoroughly spoilt by my spoiler, Ruth*. She sent me a box filled with individually wrapped goodies:

What patience and care to wrap each thing separately! What's more, some providence made the box arrive on my birthday, so you can imagine what fun I had unwrapping everything.

Lots of yarny goodness: Debbie Bliss Maya in 05

A lovely pale blue cashmere lacewight from Hipknits:

It looks good enough to eat! Some more from Hipknits, silk lacewight this time:

Then some yarn from Handpainted yarn which I'm hoping to knit into a purse:

Then the yarns spun (or dyed) by Ruth herself for me: This is 50% wool and 50% silk

12 hanks of this mmmmmMohair:

Doesn't it look like a sheep?!

My first wood-y hooks (the packs said needles, but I'm guessing 😉 they're hooks, and made of Indian wood, besides!):

Then this monster thing of beauty:

My dream-come-true! Tunisian hooks in ebony and bamboo:

And to go with them, naturally,

This book is now out of print, but I have a copy now, yay!

Also, this thread (rayon, linen…):

Some non-yarny goodness:

A thriller:

Strawberry soap:


Mind that drool puddle!

And tantantara…the ultimate spoilingness:

It's official, you may please refer to me as Princess or Your Spoiled Highness from now on.

* She of and wonderfully funky hats and yarn.

5 thoughts on “SP7 that was

  1. Wow! Lucky you!

  2. I’m green with envy. What beautiful Tunisian hooks!

  3. Swapna! What an absolutely fantastic package!!!!
    Very lucky woman you are. I am totally in envy over that wonderful teal silk… it for me please!

  4. My goodness, that is quite a package! Look forward to seeing what you turn it all into. *What* is that large hook for?! And the midnight blue skein is gorgeous.

  5. Hey! Glad to see it all here! (and so sorry for being slack and not popping by sooner)

    Now, I wonder whether there’s any chocolate left? 😉

    It was lovely to spoil you, and I’m so pleased it arrived on your birthday, of all days, and that it arrived at all! xx

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