Undeserving I might have been, but I've been thoroughly spoilt by my spoiler, Ruth*. She sent me a box filled with individually wrapped goodies:

What patience and care to wrap each thing separately! What's more, some providence made the box arrive on my birthday, so you can imagine what fun I had unwrapping everything.

Lots of yarny goodness: Debbie Bliss Maya in 05

A lovely pale blue cashmere lacewight from Hipknits:

It looks good enough to eat! Some more from Hipknits, silk lacewight this time:

Then some yarn from Handpainted yarn which I'm hoping to knit into a purse:

Then the yarns spun (or dyed) by Ruth herself for me: This is 50% wool and 50% silk

12 hanks of this mmmmmMohair:

Doesn't it look like a sheep?!

My first wood-y hooks (the packs said needles, but I'm guessing 😉 they're hooks, and made of Indian wood, besides!):

Then this monster thing of beauty:

My dream-come-true! Tunisian hooks in ebony and bamboo:

And to go with them, naturally,

This book is now out of print, but I have a copy now, yay!

Also, this thread (rayon, linen…):

Some non-yarny goodness:

A thriller:

Strawberry soap:


Mind that drool puddle!

And tantantara…the ultimate spoilingness:

It's official, you may please refer to me as Princess or Your Spoiled Highness from now on.

* She of woollywormhead.com and wonderfully funky hats and yarn.