This is what happens when you don’t read a pattern fully before plunging in. Darn.

I’ve just gone through the Short rows jacket pattern again and realised what I thought was the back is actually one front panel. Daaaaaaaaaaarn. And dang.

So, am I frogging? Nope.

This little baby will just have to be inventively worked. Darn. It will entail picking up stitches on the other side. It just shows you that a more experienced (or attentive) knitter would have known how such patterns work and would have cast on for the front anyway.

If only the pattern had said “Cast on 60 sts for the front right (or left) panel.”

Anyhow, since my yarn is a thicker gauge than the one in the pattern, the 30 ridges called for in the pattern would be too broad a front panel and I’d have to modify the pattern in any case. So I do it now. Darn.

Young lady, let that be a lesson to you!