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The other day, my vegetable vendor was selling bunnies! Real, will-grow-up-to-be-rabbits bunnies. I immediately drooled all over them and proceeded to pet each of them. There were two gray ones, one black and one cowering white one which never showed its face. One of the gray ones was up on the fruit shelf making merry among the grapes. The black one was giving me black looks and I hesitated to touch it at first because it scared me. Supposing it bit me? Do bunnies bite people?
I've never touched anything so soft in my life! I wish I could get them home with me. But bunnies seem less hmmm interesting than cats somehow. Do they have personalities? I also read somewhere they don't like being held, which will defeat the primary purpose in getting them, which is to cuddle. Also, do they make any sort of noise at all?
But that softness! sigh………

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  1. I think they do have personalities once you get to know them. For the most part they’re silent, although they can make noise (like when they’re in pain).

  2. OH, I love bunnies. Had some when I was younger. Ours had personalities and one liked to be held. The other… well… he was evil! And yes, bunnies do bite. Hard.

    Bunnies in pain *shivers* Just too frightening!

    Happy Knitting,

  3. I looooooove bunnies! Well…I looooooove bunnies so long as they are not eating my flowers or garden! *grin*

    Some do indeed like to be held and petted / scratched! Depends on the bunny…Avoid the ones giving black looks to you!

  4. this blogger has a pet rabbit and could probably give you any advice you need on keeping one. (oh and it DEFINATELY has it’s own personality!)

  5. I love bunnies too ..mind you just watched a documentary on Pandas ..ohhh so lovely.I think bunnies do like hugs but they have definate peronalites and can be grumpy or docile.Angie

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