Yarn stores in India

Desiknitter wanted to know about yarn stores in India. So here is a list that we at the Crochet_India group have gathered so far (and some of these stores include thread-only stores as well):

Bombay Embroidery Stores,14, Raja Market, Avenue Road,
Bangalore – 560 002 22237311

Pradhan Stores
Bora Bazaar (Near VT)
Raja Thread Store

R S fancy Stores
Adyar opp Telephone Exchange

Adyar Thread Emporium

B S Kamaladevi & Sons
4-3-747 Sultan Bazar Hyderabad

New Delhi
New Kalpana Tracers
Shop No. 120 (Opp Vegetable market),
Sarojini Nagar Market
2410 1702/2467 8396

New Delhi
Sushila (wool depot?)
Munirka Mkt

New Galaxy
Wonderland, Pune – Camp

Rathi Stores
Poorna Market,
In lane opp Aarif Opticians

Sivam Garments
Next to HSL colony gate, Malkapuram

No, laughing is not allowed. We take what we get.

And Desi, Vardhman does make fun fur and feathery types of yarns and I didn't know this either until J from Lucknow sent me some. There are colours, also, apparently. I have to confess *shamefacedly* that I've never knowingly used Indian wool, either. But it is available in northern cities in various qualities. Yarn snobbery, yarn stores, stash…a bit unreal, what?

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  1. Yeah, all this yarn snobbery is a bit much, but then this is serious winterland, so you do have a lot of options. It doesn’t help to get your knickers in a twist over merino vs. shetland if you’re in 40 degree c. heat! I did buy Vardhaman pure wool in Delhi once, fingering weight. It wasn’t supposed to felt, but my socks grew progressively tighter!
    In Tulshibag market in Pune (right behind the Tulshibag Ganpati) is a famous wool store called Samrat Wool Stores. They have gorgeous colours. I have bought lots from there. Also circular needles and other notions. Thanks for the list! I am going to check out some in Delhi next time I visit.

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