Too bulky

Here is what I tried with the ggh Aspen. First the pattern is very poorly written, and then the yarn is too chunky for this, I think.
I spent hours googling for an explanation of the honeycomb stitch, not very successfully. Then I found it in my Harmony Guide, but I needed the diagram to understand what to do. In any event, I found I'd soon run out of yarn if I attempted to go any further on this, so it's waiting to be frogged.

Naaah. This yarn is still in search of a good pattern to be shown off, and something tells me it might be knit. This bit took an entire skein!


  1. Hello! Could you please tell me the exact title of the book you are referring to when you said “My Harmony Guide”? I too have scoured the internet looking on how to do this particular pattern with no success, but it lead me to your blog which is now in my favorites!!! I really want to do this purse but the pattern is difficult to read!!! Thanks!

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