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It’s not pretty

Here are my adventures in wrapping rows for short row shaping. It's not pretty, so if you're at all squeamish, please turn away now!

The first two pictures show the piece (it's the back of the jacket) from two different angles, and so far, it's ok. If you squint, you can even see the shaping.

Now the thing approaches (this photo shows the true colour of the Froya Narvik, by the way) and you begin to shudder:

Yikes! See what I mean?

And this:

Now off you go and look at some pretty knitting instead! And no, I am not going to frog this. No.

5 thoughts on “It’s not pretty

  1. I admire the fact that you gave short row shaping a try! I’ve read articles about it and can’t even understand them!

  2. Swapna, you are so funny!

    Oh to knit……while I see the ummm blemishes, I am impressed you can knit….lol

  3. Crap I just reread what I typed, let’s chalk it up to lack of coffee. I am impressed with ANYONE knitting seems such an unreachable goal for some of us,,,(read:ME)


  4. hi swapna! hilarious blog. and wonderful to meet another desi knitter! i am very bad at crochet, but like you, am suffering the problems of short-rowing right now. have you seen this article on short-rowing?

    Can you do a post on where you buy your yarn and what yarns are available in Vizag? I had no idea Vardhaman made fun fur.

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