Remember the SWIP I talked about long long ago when we were all young and innocent? Well, it has graduated now from being a SWIP to an NLSWIP (No Longer a Secret Work in Progress) or an OFO (Open Finished Object). Three cheers for me!
Here it is in part of its glory (it was too long for me to photograph in one frame horizontally without employing a step ladder and/or stilts).

So now you know, it is a Lacy Knit Scarf (or maybe a Stole? We're not particular here) in what is probably 100% acrylic, but very soft mango-y yellow, and it is going to be sent to a friend. I'm thrilled to bits for several reasons:

1. It's knit! (as in, not crocheted!)
2. It's lacy knit!
3. It's lacy knit without a written pattern and from a chart!
4. It's lacy knit from a chart I manipulated in order to get it to the width I wanted!
5. Yippee!
6. It's knit! (as in, It's done!)
And so forth.

Here is how it might look on a person…

…if the said person has shoulders about a foot wide and does not rise more than 3 feet above the ground. Now, I think the recipient is definitely not these proportions, but I'm sure I shall be forgiven for my first attempt at such a project. We shall see. Anyhow, here are the tech specs:

Yarn: Unknown acrylic in mango-y yellow
Hook: Size 7 (UK?) 4.50mm straights
Pattern: Made up my very own! (Yippee!)
Time: Aeons
Size: About 60" long and 10" wide
Extra: #Look at points 1-6 above

Nobody will please mention the trifling errors I made or the weird proportions. Or the fact that I probably yarn over all wrong. The thing is you see (all those with more important things to do may please leave now), I knit with the yarn in my right hand and for normal stitches I yarn over from under (clear as mud, aren't I). But for the lace-effect YOs, I tend to YO from over! Got that? Plus, according to the instructions in the book where I got the lace pattern from, I was supposed to do K1, P1 into the YO on the subsequent row. Being as I'd reversed the direction of my YO, I did P1, K1, since it was more convenient! So I think it's all wrong, but *shrug* it's got the look! And I sort of know how to use a chart to knit now. Yay!

And although it is acrylic, I did block it, on the sage advice of the scientific mind. The lace needed to be opened up.