and you still have allergies here!

Evidence of being in heaven:
I am right now on my bed, working on my 12" Apple iBook G4, via wireless internet. No, it's not a dream.
My SP sent me wool!!! European wool, from Muench/GGH yarns and from umm…Narvik Froya yarn. One is 100% pure new wool and the other is 50% wool, and 50% acrylic. The yarn is begging me to be made into something, but what?

Oh and I've been sneezing from the moment I woke today (only touched the wool after I started sneezing, so you can't tell me it's that, but maybe it made it worse?) Can someone with wool-allergy tell me if you get sneezing or other forms? Anyhow, so now I have to get back to "phus-phus" (my nasal spray) every night. Sigh!

I have a lot of catching up to do on my blogging, and I promise I will.