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Vive la Inde!

This is late in coming, but I had a bit of work last week. J kindly sent me two balls each of fun fur she found in Lucknow, made in our very own India, made by our very own (whatever, have to alliterate) Vardhman. For the first time I present…

The blue one (Feather Fresh) is definitely softer than the pink-multicoloured stuff (Fun Feather). Each ball cost Rs 55. Thank you J!

Not being a yarn snob yet (Maybe I'll scream the next time I see another Red Heart skein ;)), I think these will add to scarves and things…hmm

6 thoughts on “Vive la Inde!

  1. Wow! Congratulations!! Thats great.Nice colours too. I have yet to see stuff like that out here. So when are you going to work on these? Waiting to see the results.

  2. YUMMY YARN! I love, love, LOVE the colors!!! Like Yasmin, I’ll be waiting to see what you make with these!

  3. ummmmmmmmmm very pretty yarn and I too can’t wait to see what you try out with those.Have fun!!!!

  4. They both look great – the blue one looks awesome – can not wait to see what you do with them!!

  5. Nice acquistions!

  6. hi 🙂
    As a frequent visitor of your blog, I’ve dared to tag you when I was asked for 4 names of other bloggers to answer some questions. Please take a look at my blog.

    Many greetings from Berlin (germany),


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