I love booties. Have I said that before? Anyway, these are my first ones from the pattern booklet that B sent me (the first pair on the third row):

Yarn: Local acrylic, unknown brand
Hook: Boye F/5/3.75mm aluminium
Pattern: Sherbet booties from Precious Baby Booties by Carolyn Christmas
Time: Maybe 3 hours?
Size: Sole is about 3" (pattern size says 3.5"-4")
Extra: #1 I actually had the colours (love them) used in the pattern!!!! (not the transparent ribbon, though)
#2 The pattern uses "leave a long loop" instead of cutting and rejoining yarn for the colour changes. While of course I appreciate not having to weave in a thousand ends on such small items, I cannot really say the long loops help much…(and the inner side is obviously marred by the drawn-up loops, but maybe I did the drawing up wrong?!)
#3 While googling for Carolyn Christmas, I discovered she's also the author of another book I'm drooling over:

I will get my hands on this and the hooks for it. Although of course the Afghan/Tunisian stitch does create a very thick fabric, it's a technique I want to try. I have two slender afghan hooks but the swatches I create with them always curl. Someone said this settles down after a bit, but I've never gone beyond the first few rows, you know.
Meanwhile, I wish the price of the book on Amazon would fall so I could actually buy it with my $10 gift certificate (shipping is $4.95 or so!!!). Miracles can always happen 😀